Kanye of the Biological Grammys

This morning before school, I received this message: 

Student:  NUKE NUKE NUKE NUKE! I may have found the best cell respiration video EVER like EVER!  Biororz post worthy even (clearly I agree). 

Me:  (Ignoring him) It is 8:10, you better be no more than 5 minutes from school.  Don't be late!  (class starts at 8:30)

Student:  (Ignoring me) It's called Oxidate or Love it.  Soooooo goood! I have no words.  It's perfect!

Now I don't know the last time you saw a student this excited about cellular respiration, but it is a pretty unusual occurrence for me.  The video that he was referring to was made by Tom McFadden, who was working on his masters degree in "Popularizing Science" in New Zealand.  Check it out!  It makes me want to go back to school.  He is now my poster "child" for song lyric adaptation described in my post, Mitosis Revisited.  I will definitely be including this video as THE example when I introduce this to my next group of IB biology students.  I might just have to make a change from the Academy Awards to the Grammys!  Their attempts at raising the bar should be entertaining to say the least!  Be sure to check out his blog, The Rhymebosome: A primordial soup of biology, hip hop, and education.  It is really great!   You can download a pdf of the lyrics to Oxidate it or Love it from his blog.  Thanks Tom for making my job easier.  I had a student ask me to post the video to our Facebook group so that she could memorize the lyrics for the test.  I can live with that.  My favorite lyrics? Definitely NADH HYDRO and Oxy Phoz!  I might just start using this lingo when I teach it.  NADPH HYDRO and Photo Phoz are coming up next.  I might not be able to wait for next year!